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I have been dealing with two rather painful issues (ankle/leg pain and two herniated disks in by back) for years and have seen multiple specialists in the medical field for both and tried many medical treatments for each that did not resolve my issues. My medical option at the time was invasive surgical procedures where there were no guarantees of fixing my ailments. I decided to try acupuncture, did my research and Sunshine stood out as the best place to do this. After working with Dr. Xiaoyan Liu to understand my ailments and getting acupuncture treatments, I am happy to say that one of my issues is completely gone and the other is almost gone - in a little over a months time!. Not being in the pain that I had been in and not taking any medications has absolutely improved my overall quality of life. Dr. Xiaoyan Liu been wonderful to work with!

I highly recommend her to anyone seeking healing through acupuncture!

Thanks Dr. Xiaoyan Liu!

— M.P., River Falls

I went to Dr. Liu for acupuncture because I was suffering from an unresolved shoulder injury that was 6 months old; persistent and increasing hot flashes, upwards of 12x/day; back numbness/tingling and a burning tongue sensation. My general practitioner offered nothing to address any of these issues. I believed having all these hot flashes was normal and I just had to deal with it, it’s part of life. I had lots of massage and was also seeing a chiropractor for my shoulder with little change. I was referred to Dr. Liu from a friend who had had successes from her treatment.

After four sessions, I noticed a reduction in my hot flashes, both in frequency and intensity. They were different. I was no longer sweating profusely with each hot flash. I would warm up but not as much. I was less comfortable. I was starting to sleep better, and I didn’t feel like changing the sheets every day. By the 9th session, I noted only having one mild hot flash in a two day period! By the 10th session, I’m having zero hot flashes. I am so happy for this alone, but no! There’s more: that tongue burning and back numbness is also resolving,  and my nearly chronic shoulder pain is also much improved! I do not know what chi is and do not understand the meridians but I do know acupuncture works and I’m recommending Dr Liu to everyone I know. 

Thank you,
Thank you,
Thank you!

--K.T., River Falls

After 8 years suffering from digestive issues and back pain, I decided to try acupuncture. I walked into Sunshine Acupuncture and spoke with Dr. Liu. She explained how she would help. I started treatment, and after the first 3 times going, she stated my Qi was very low and would need more treatments to get better. I continued to go and my problems gradually got better. I would recommend going, it does help a lot. 

-- M.V., Hudson

Long story short. . . I’ve been in chronic pain the last year and a half. I’ve seen 5 doctors, and 1 specialist. I’m over $2,000 in debt with these hospitals from all the tests, medications and a CT scan. Not one of the 6 doctors were able to give me a diagnosis. They just kept prescribing me medications that “might help.” Last week, I finally had enough and called Dr. Liu's office. After my first session I left her office and spent the day in tears. It was the first day in 1.5 years I wasn’t in pain. I couldn’t believe it. It’s been a week since my first session, I’ve had 2 additional appointments with her and I can’t stress enough how much better I feel. I’m finally feeling my self again. Thank you Dr. Liu! You have changed my life for the better.

-- A.R., River Falls

My experience was very simple.  When I was first seen by Dr. Liu, I had pain.  By the time she had finished her acupuncture treatments, I had no pain.

-- K.R., River Falls

I’ve suffered from neuropathy for years, which left my feet numb and always cold, even when they were warm to the touch. My conventional GP said there was little he could do—old age, etc. So for a year I spent money on pills that claimed efficacy. No soap! After a successful trip to Dr. Liu at Sunshine for another malady, I noticed her claim to help those suffering from “peripheral neuropathy”. I signed in for several treatments and Dr. Liu treated me with magical needles and presto, the feelings came back to my feet and my balance was improved, because I can feel both feet on the ground!

-- D.W., River Falls

For many years I have been experiencing neck and lower back problems due to previous concussions and other injuries. I decided it was time to make a change and within the first week of acupuncture I was already seeing great progress! Today I hardly have any lower back pain and my neck pain is very minimal. Acupuncture has made each day more enjoyable and is helping me get back to an active lifestyle.

--J.L., Somerset

Dr. Liu changed my life! I have suffered for years with chronic sinus infections and year round allergies. I also recently had my gallbladder removed and that came with a whole new batch of stomach issues. I was so tired of medications being prescribed and nothing helping only making things worse. 

I had never done acupuncture and really knew nothing about it. I did know I needed to try something new and natural. That led me to Sunshine acupuncture! My first appointment was so amazing! I was really blown over by Dr. Liu knowing so much about my health by checking my pulse and looking at my tongue. She was exactly right with her assessment. She is so kind and funny and put me at ease right away. My first session did wonders clearing up my sinus infection the very same day. I went in feeling so awful and later that day I had improved a great deal! As I keep going my allergies and stomach issues are getting better day by day. I highly recommend going to see Dr. Liu your life will improve with out a doubt!!

--J.F., Hudson

Over the last few years my back pain has been affecting my work and personal life to a point where I could hardly function anymore. Surgery was not an option and pain killers didn’t help. Since I had a lot of other issues, a current client of Sunshine Traditional Chinese Acupuncture recommended acupuncture and especially Dr. Liu as a solution.

During my first treatment Dr. Liu found that my Qi was very low and that my diarrhea needed immediate attention. Sure enough, I've been suffering from diarrhea and chronic fatigue for over 30 years. Since my blood work seemed always normal and colonoscopies didn't show anything, no doctor was able to help me. After only one (!) week of treatment my diarrhea was gone and within another week I felt less tired. Even my back pain has improved, I am suffering from less anxiety/depression and sleep better now. I can’t remember when I felt this good!"

--K.S., New Richmond

I am so thankful that I found Dr. Liu and Sunshine Acupuncture! I have had several acupuncturists over 2+ decades and Dr. Liu is at the very top of my list for results. She has treated me for everything from anxiety/depression/panic attacks to insomnia to cough/colds to muscle pain. She often takes the time to explain why she puts needles in certain areas and aside from that is a very kind & comfortable doctor to engage with. I very highly recommend this acupuncture clinic…you will not be disappointed!

--J.M., Lakeland

I have suffered from severe allergies and chronic sinusitis for as long as I can remember. Even from as young as 5 and 6 years old I took allergy medicine to alleviate my symptoms—runny nose, constant sneezing, watery eyes, trouble breathing, sore throat, nosebleeds, and headaches. I have been prescribed every allergy pill, shot, and spray on the market but nothing ever made me feel better. This last year, the inflammation from the allergies resulted in chronic sinus infections and I was diagnosed with bronchitis twice. I went through three rounds of antibiotics and steroids in less than 6 months and felt worse. I thought it was time to finally try something different because clearly what I had been doing was not working for me.

I am so glad I finally gave Sunshine Acupuncture a call. One Saturday morning I was feeling especially rough and they were able to squeeze me in that day. Dr. Liu asked me about my history and symptoms and explained everything thoroughly. I was so impressed! She immediately knew my Qi was imbalanced.

After 4 sessions the difference is unbelievable. I haven’t taken allergies pills or spray in weeks and I sometimes have to pinch myself because I am not sneezing! I have zero symptoms and I cannot believe it. Since I am breathing better I am sleeping better and my appetite has returned. I feel so much better!

I highly recommend Sunshine Acupuncture and Dr. Liu. Thank you so much!!!

--K.J., River Falls

I wish I would have discovered Acupuncture with Dr. Liu many years ago! I have had chronic neck pain for over 10 years, I've seen many doctors, and physical therapists, and had an MRI which showed 3 bulging discs in my spine 3 years ago. Cortisone injections did not help me, and seemed to increase my pain levels in my neck. I thought the chronic pain was something that I would have to live with for the rest of my life, until meeting Dr. Liu, as I have not felt relief from my neck pain in over 10 years! 

I have several other issues that Dr. Liu  has addressed as well, she is the first doctor to look at my body as a whole, and to find the root cause of many issues, to be connected to each other! 

I have experienced a sore throat for over 5 years, but many doctors, including specialists (Ear, Nose, and Throat doctors) told me that my throat was fine, and nothing was wrong with me, but the soreness continued. Dr. Liu knew what this was immediately. My Qi (pronounced Chi) was not in balance. 

I have experienced Anxiety and Depression, along with constipation, irregular menstruation, insomnia, and tinnitus. As it turns out, all of these things can be addressed WITHOUT the use of dangerous drugs (as I was led to believe for many years). I am feeling a major response and relief to every issue I've experienced, and discovered that if you're body's Qi is out of balance it can cause a number of ailments. All of which, Dr. Liu has safely addressed, and I feel better every day! 

So far, I have had only 6 Acupuncture treatments, and my life has already changed drastically in a positive way. I felt like a new person after the very first acupuncture treatment! I cannot say enough, how much I appreciate what Dr. Liu has done for me. I will continue to see her for myself, my children, and everyone I care about.

My teenage son has had allergies and asthma since he was a toddler. He's been taking pills and steroids his entire life for these things. He had his first acupuncture treatment with Dr. Liu last week, and felt an immediate response. He's also had knee pain for almost 5 years, as he's been rapidly growing and plays many sports. She treated his knee for pain, and he was able to take off his knee brace for several days after the first treatment, with no pain! 

I truly believe in what Dr. Liu is doing! She is an extremely intelligent doctor with the most understanding of the human body that I have ever known! I love that she treats the body as a whole, and does not just treat symptoms, as we've been doing for years. I highly recommend Dr. Liu. 

--L.F., River Falls

Dr. Liu demonstrated a professional approach and high degree of proficiency in applying the various methods and procedures needed during my appointments.  I would not hesitate to seek her expertise in the future should the need arise.  I recommend Dr. Liu to anyone contemplating the acupuncture experience. 

--D.M., River Falls

Enjoyed my third treatment at Sunshine Traditional Chinese Acupuncture. I figured if I was going to spend money at a clinic and be treated with medication why not try alternative medicine? I'm seeing results and learning something new.

--K.D., River Falls

After suffering from numerous aches and pains for about 11 months, I decided to give acupuncture a try, as I had nothing to lose.  I was skeptical, but was taking various medications with side effects and under the care of a rheumatologist and still wasn’t finding relief.  After my first visit with Dr. Liu, I knew I had found what I was looking for.  Not only are my aches and pains almost non-existent, I am sleeping better and my digestive system hasn’t felt this good in years.  Dr. Liu is amazing, caring and very attentive to my overall health and concerns.  She also is extremely accommodating, as I have a difficult schedule when trying to make appointments.  With the blessing of my rheumatologist, I am going to continue with acupuncture at Sunshine Traditional Chinese Acupuncture!  I am so glad that I found Dr. Liu!

--K. O., Hudson

My treatment was the first time I ever had experience with acupuncture, and I am really impressed. I was always skeptical that piercing needles could really produce any change in the body. The treatment was with Dr. Liu. I would say it is well worth it. I had issues with digestion and gas in my stomach. I have been to a lot of doctors, but didn't have any positive results. I appreciate Dr. Liu for giving me the right treatment and giving me confidence about it. Dr. Liu knows her job well. Thank you Dr. Liu for making my health better.

--R. B., Minneapolis

Dr Liu is amazing! She explains everything she's doing and is so thorough, considering the whole body, not just the one problem you have come about. I've seen her 3 times so far and am already getting relief from my tinnitus and the added benefit of sleeping well. She's in my insurance network too, so that is helpful. I highly recommend her.

--L.W., River Falls

I'm writing on behalf of my sister; we would like to express our gratitude to you [Dr. Liu] for treating her bladder so well. After my sister, who had the kidney and bladder issues, was hospitalized at ** Hospital for several days, she was discharged with an indwelling urinary catheter and drainage bag. It seemed like she would be in this situation for a long time. She never knew how long--three months, four months, or forever! She was really suffering.

Luckily, we found you [Dr. Liu] and everything was completely satisfied. After some days of acupuncture treatment, my sister was able to urinate by herself. Soon after they took away the catheter she had to wear after leaving the hospital. Everything went remarkably well. 

What a dear friendly doctor you are, Dr. Liu! You successfully treated my sister, and she is a lot better.

I wish to express my appreciation for your loving care during her illness--not only by helping her get through the difficult time physically, but uplifting her spiritually as well.

--T. V., Edina

I highly recommend Sunshine Acupuncture. My entire experience was enlightening and beyond helpful. Dr. Xiao Yan Liu is an expert in her field and Jim is great. Sunshine Acupuncture is a fantastic addition to River Falls.

--K. J., River Falls

Dr. Liu is very knowledgeable in her profession. I have known Dr. Liu for over a year, and I have been receiving acupuncture services with Dr. Liu for my migraines and other health issues. Dr. Liu understands my condition and connects with her clients with care. She addresses her concerns about the client and provides relief by balancing the body. Dr. Liu targets the pain and manages the pain with care. 

--M. W., Bloomington

Dr. Liu is amazing! She helped relieve my sciatic pain due to a herniated disc. She is always kind and respectful. She is also is very skilled and knowledgeable and always checks in to make sure I feel exactly what I should be feeling in order to optimize her treatment. I highly recommend Dr. Liu!

--S. B. G., Edina

I have had the pleasure of seeing Dr. Liu to treat migraines, acute anxiety, situational stress, and insomnia for several months. She is amazing in every way. She is positive, caring, kind, compassionate, knowledgeable, and professional.

Originally I saw my health providers for my symptoms and they recommended I see an acupuncture doctor as another treatment option due to my concerns about long-term side effects from taking medications.

My first consultation visit with Dr. Xiao Yan Liu helped me better understand the benefits of eastern medical healing and acupuncture. I truly felt comfortable and trust in her. She also answered all my questions and concerns to my satisfaction.

After multiple weekly acupuncture treatments and visits, my migraines improved and were less frequent. I had a sense of calmness, and I was able to sleep through the night. Within 2 to 3 months, my symptoms continued to improve with acupuncture and herbal supplements. After several months, I had almost no symptoms. I am very happy and 100% satisfied with the care I have received, and have Dr. Liu to thank for my mental and physical well being.

I also had treatment for another unrelated problem, shoulder pain. After one treatment of acupuncture I was pain free within 2 hours.

I would highly recommend Dr. Liu to anyone for care and treatment.


--Anonymous, Edina

Dr. Liu works to heal the whole body, rather than mask symptoms. She takes time to delve into balanced wellness and has helped me tremendously!

-- M. H., Hudson

I have had the joy of having Dr. Liu for my acupuncturist. I think she is the best there is available. She helped me immensely. My greatest sadness is that now she is far from my home. I would recommend her very highly!

--R. S., Edina

I had been experiencing 'leg' pain for approximately two months. It was worse in the mornings. I rise early to walk my old dog. When I do, I turn my head upwards to gaze at the stars. That is when it the pain was very severe. I am 68-years old and rarely utilize sickcare. I prefer healthcare, which I define as a regular exercise regimen and eating wisely. I mentioned my condition to a friend in the neighborhood who runs and bicycles regularly. He explained he was experiencing back pain and hand tremors. He visited a medical physician who gave him ‘pills’ with no positive results. He decided to visit Dr. Liu at Sunshine Acupuncture. At his suggestion, I made an appointment.

I have no experience with acupuncture and did not know what to expect. Dr. Liu’s husband Jim manages the front office. He is a personable man and immediately put me at ease. I sat with Dr. Liu and explained my situation and answered her probing questions. When she completed the interview, she said that she suspected a problem with my sciatic nerve. She explained how acupuncture could help by opening the energy meridians in my body and brining my Qi, my “life energy” into balance.

Dr. Liu is a very pleasant woman and speaks with great confidence. When you review her resume on this website, you will not doubt her training and proficiency in this ancient art. She had gained my trust and we proceeded with a session. Acupuncture is not painful. Dr. Liu applied 26 needles in my lower back, my legs, and even the crown of my head. With the needles in place, I rested comfortably for 30 minutes. She returned and painlessly removed the needles.

By this time in the morning, the pain had subsided from the 8-9 when I woke up to a 4-5. I made an appointment to return in four days for another session, and went my way feeling slightly better in my legs, but overall refreshed. The following morning when I got out of bed, what was normally severe pain in the 8-9 range was no more than a three. Two days later, the pain was ZERO. All the while, I continued my regular 12 – 15-mile bike ride, and I played tennis on the day four for an hour with no pain. On the fourth day, I returned to Dr. Liu for a second session. Three days later – one week after my initial session – I returned for a third and final session.

Because the pain was gone, Dr. Liu told me there was no need for a fourth session. I have been pain-free since my first session with Dr. Liu.

I have been spreading the word to family and friends about my positive experience with acupuncture, and specifically recommend Dr. Liu to all folks within driving distance of River Falls. I believe in Dr. Liu, and her treatment has made me a believer in acupuncture. I will add acupuncture to my healthcare regimen. I believe so strongly in this medical approach that I will discuss any health situations I may have in the future with her first with the sole exception of broken bones.

If you have a health situation that concerns you, I strongly suggest an appointment with Dr. Liu at Sunshine Acupuncture. You have everything to gain.

-- G. K., River Falls

Admittedly I am a bit biased as Dr. Liu is my wife, and I am the business administrator at Sunshine Traditional Chinese Acupuncture; nevertheless, I'd like to add my two cents on two major issues she has helped me with.

The first major health problem was an ongoing issue I had for several months about nine years ago, while I was living in China. I had sporadic, sharp, shooting pain in my left leg. Intermittently I would get a painful sensation that felt like someone jabbing a knife deep into my leg. It was random and seemingly not connected to any sort of activity or action on my part. The Peace Corps physician diagnosed it as nerve pain, and suggested I see the Western medical physician at Lanzhou University Hospital. They were not able to do much for me. Dr. Liu gave me an acupuncture treatment--my first ever. This was the first of ten treatments she administered. The effect was not immediate, but by the tenth treatment the problem was gone, and I have not had the issue since.

The second major health problem was in early 2015 when I was in Shanghai. I stumbled in the street and my shoulder smacked against the concrete curb. I had broken my shoulder, and to insure it healed properly the doctors recommended surgery. I had a plate and twelve screws put into my shoulder to hold it in place. It was the most excruciating pain I have felt in the over four decades of my life. The hospital prescribed oxycontin and acetaminophen for pain, which I mostly used at "bedtime". "Bedtime" is an extreme overstatement. The pain in my shoulder meant I could not lay down comfortably for long. The oxycontin helped for perhaps 2 hours, which frustrated me as I was exhausted but I could not sleep due to the pain. Frustration turned to anger as I became increasingly tired but could not sleep propped up in the living room chair. Dr. Liu--now my wife--convinced me to try acupuncture treatment to relieve the acute pain. The treatment gave me 6 to 8 hours of relief, which was enough for me to get a reasonable amount of sleep and allay my frustration. After the first treatment I continued the acupuncture treatments for pain whenever I wanted to sleep.

Dr. Liu has also performed acupuncture successfully on me for less serious issues as well, but these are the major problems I have had where acupuncture has proved effective in solving stubborn health problems.

--James Bryant MacTavish,  Business Admin, Sunshine Traditional Chinese Acupuncture


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